The Fat Crawler Experience
Journal (December 2002)
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My Journal for December 2002

December 2, 2002
Well, I came back to school yesterday from Thanksgiving break.  It went well, and I actually had a great time hanging out with my friends and family.  All major disasters were averted.  Yesterday, my parents, I, and four siblings came to here to spend the day Christmas shopping.  Let's just say I'm almost Christmased out.  I was going to wrap presents last night, but my heart just wasn't in it after such a long day, so I left it for tonight and possibly tomorrow night.  Well, I have a class to attend, so I will bid all adieu here.  Toodles!
December 17, 2002
Who's a bad little boy?  That's right, it's me.  I haven't written in a very long time, and I'm sorry about that.  The weeks just tend to fly by when you get to this season.  Well, I've spent way too much money for my own good, and I'm going to have to juggle my finances in January and February, but hey, that's alright.  My cousin might also come and stay with me when I get back until she can find a new apartment.  She's very responsible and we get along great, so I don't anticipate any serious problems with it.  I leave for Christmas break tonight, which means I won't be writing here for at least four weeks or so.  Sorry about that, but I have no choice.  I still have to finish writing a paper and take an exam before I leave, but then I'm out of here.  I had my first psychiatric evaluation meeting this morning.  The guy doing them is Dave, and he's really nice.  He wants to meet with me for several weeks in intervals, then will send the evaluation to the doctors some time in February.  He also told me that I need to look into getting a therapist for after surgery, so I'll have to do that.  Tomorrow morning I have my long-awaited follow-up to get a CPAP machine.  I really don't want one, but I have to do what I have to do.  It's only for two weeks, so it won't kill me.  Well, here's wishing everybody the best this holiday season, and I'll write when I get back after break.  Merry Christmas!

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