The Fat Crawler Experience
Journal (July 2003)
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My Journal for July 2003

July 5, 2003
Tomorrow my family and I leave for Virginia Beach for a week of basking in the sun.  I'm a little apprehensive about going because there are a lot of gorgeous people there and let's face it, I'm less than gorgeous.  I'm bringing along several books just in case, but it should be a fairly relaxing time without any children present (the only being my dad).  We have three rooms facing the ocean.  One is for myself and two brothers, another for my parents, and a third for my grandparents.  I can't say as I'm overly looking forward to the trip there.  We are driving for two reasons: Reason the first, we are too poor to fly; Reason the second, were we not too poor to fly, my father would refuse to fly anyway because he swears the only plane accident he will ever be in is if he is hit by one while driving down the highway.  So my options are grim.  I am not allowed to drive my own car down there because I'm apparently too stupid to figure out a driving system that my parents worked out years ago.  So I can choose between riding with my dad and grandparents in one car, where my grandparents smoke like two chimneys and refuse to more than crack the windows, or ride with my mother who won't allow even a crack in the windows or the radio to play above two notches of volume.  This is not to mention that neither of my parents is a very good driver.  Dad speeds in a race to break any other record he's ever set on this same trip and mother refuses to pass the "fucking demons from hell" that are the semis along the way.  I am more than justified in fearing for my life, not to mention the misery of riding in either vehicle under safe conditions.  My only solace lies in the fact that I will be bringing my books with me and I am quite sure that I can live through anything for seven days, no matter how terrible.  So it is with a heavy heart and my head held high that I bid you farewell on my journey to southern climates.  Adieu.
July 30, 2002
Holy guacamole!  My computer finally died.  There is no hope.  It has officially gone to that big computer heaven in the sky.  *Sniff* - how I shall miss thee.  I am now contemplating getting a new one, but we shall see.  Well, the vacation in Virginia Beach was pretty good.  It seems so long ago now, but I can't complain except that the trip down there and back were hell.  Somehow listening to my dearest Mummy scream about how she would like to use my car to "ram the Iranian bitch" off the road that cut her off in traffic, wasn't overly relaxing.  I bought a lot of nice stuff, however, and have managed to acquire a nice little bit of debt.  I have also now gotten down to 364 pounds equalling a total loss of 63 pounds since surgery about nine weeks ago.  I've also gone back to kareoke in the city where I went to college, and once again, have blown the crowd away.  (Oh, how I love me!)  I also ran into my old chorus teacher from high school who was the judge in a contest I didn't enter for singing (only because I didn't know about it).  After she was done judging, she came over and asked me why in the world I wasn't in the competition because I was easily a great competitor.  (*LOL* Don't I just love to toot my own horn?  It's shameless!)  Anyway, we had a pretty good time considering a friend or two that had come with me was/were less than enthusiastic to stay late because of early appointments the next morning.  Then today we came to the big city of Burlington, Vermont, to help my brother with some legal documents, or some such nonsense.  Well, we were in the restaurant having a nice time, when I met our waitress, Cristie.  Perhaps I was flirting in the slightest of manners.  So what do my mother and brother decide to do?  Completely humiliate me in front of her and ended up inviting her on a "date" with me, and get this, the ENTIRE FAMILY to go to kareoke, after I had run out to the car from embarrassment.  Then they had the gall to come out all smiles talking about how they had "set me up".  Most Embarrassing Moment:  Ding, ding, ding...I think we have a new winner.  On top of this, I don't even know how old she is or anything about her; just that she had a nice smile, she works at Friendly's, and her name is Cristie.  She could be 16 or 17, for crying out loud!  *Sigh*  When will I ever learn not to go to public places with the fam?  It always ends in heartache.  On to bigger and better things...  I finally got all of the forms filled out that were needed to apply for jobs at Immigration.  It was a grueling process, but I lived through it.  Now I get to play the waiting game.  It could be anywhere from six months to over two years.  Lawd only knows.  I was also trying to apply for some temp-jobs to hold me over until what I am now terming as "The Call" from Immigration, but it seems like I can't find a job that's in my town for which I am qualified and does not offer health insurance.  Right now I have complete coverage from Medicaid, but if I get a job that even offers insurance, no matter what the conditions, I have to buy it or take it.  If I get a new insurance policy, they will never cover any pre-existing conditions (i.e. plastic surgery after weightloss), and they may also have high co-payments or deductibles.  So my choices are get a job with no benefits, which in my town, believe it or not, are hard to come by, or remain unemployed.  I did receive a job offer from a Walmart over an hour and a half away for seven dollars per hour, but it's just not worth the drive and they offer health benefits, so ix-ne on the almart-We.  I suppose I'll just continue my reading frenzy that seems to have no bottom.  I hardly watch television anymore, and when I do, it's usually late at night after I'm too tired to read anymore.  Oh, and I almost forget.  My other brother's dog had seven puppies yesterday, right on our hardwood livingroom floor.  It was a bloody, smelly, lengthy mess.  Now the nearly starving mother is exhausted and protective and I can already see my brother's eyes glaze over with dollar signs...most disturbing.  So this should just about catch y'all up on the life of the infamous me!  Oh, ain't I excitin'?  Ta!

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