The Fat Crawler Experience
Ravished Girl
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Ravished Girl

Ravished girl
Stoicism becomes misnomered as discontent
Your personal experience
The only one history records
Foundation growing into relenquished bliss
Songs dancing like abandoned children left to their own defenses
Powdered Jezebel
So enticing, one dare not resist to taste you
Pretty girl
Unfairly judged by popular vote
Where is you righteousness now?
From whence comes your shining knight on a white horse?
Caught in traffic, no doubt
Branded donna
Unforgiven by ceaseless lashes of both whips and tongues
In the corner you cower alone
Smoking cigarettes and sipping scotch
Refusing to age as revenge to them all
A glance
A chance
Let's dance
We prance
Your lance stabs my heart's beat and I expire
And you smile
Well played, tavern lady
Well played

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