The Fat Crawler Experience
Photos (Pre-op)
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I'm so vain.  I probably think this website is about me.


This was the picture previously located on the "Home" page.  It was my favorite picture before having surgery, but now I think it looks too fat to really represent my looks anymore.  Ha ha!


I thought I looked so good in this picture.  Oh, what a fool I've been!  A couple weeks before surgery in this one.


This was my favorite pic before surgery.  I still don't think I look that bad in this one.  Natalie and I are in the music department of the school in Mexico.


This is me with Erika, who is from Mexico.  She's great and has lots of fun situations with guys.  I miss you, Sweetie!


This is me at the ruins in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Once again, I'm the fat guy in the middle, *LOL*.  My friends are Juan Pablo, Lalo, Armando, and Natalie.


Behind me are (Left) Monica, who is Mexican, (Middle) Marolyn, who is Australian, and (Right) Ailla, who is American.  You can cleary see that I am twice as wide as any of my friends.  I am also making a very weird face in this picture.


The night before surgery.  So many thoughts running through that head...


Another pic of me with my regrown long hair that was taken on my web cam.  "Ooh, he's so cute!"  Ha!


This is me with Cara, as promised.  She is one of my bestest buds in the whole world.  Our big joke is that we are both fat supermodels.  *LOL*  "Fat guy in a little car!"  (Hahaha, think Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.)


Yet another picture of me.  The woman is my dear friend, Barbara, and we are at a Chinese restaurant.  I am approximately 370 lbs. here.


The first day of my new telemarketing job.  Let's just say that shirt didn't exactly fit well.


Okay folks, this picture has had a rough life, but this is my entire family.  In the back are my parents, Luke and Julie.  To the right of my mom is my brother, David.  Thomas is on the far right.  Camisha is the girl standing in front of my mom.  My father is holding my baby sister, Tameika.  Curt is to the far left.  Luke Jr. is directly behind me, and last, but never least, is Tyrone, who is lying his head on my chest.  (*Not pictured is my bassethound, named Baby.  I think she was taking the picture, *LOL*.)


This is me with my two, very dear friends, Jennie (right) and Eugenia (behind...who I think looks a lot like Penelope Cruz).  They are both from Greece.  This was taken during Summer 2000.  I was probably about 330 lbs. back then.  I love and hate this picture because I love my friends, as they and the scenary are beautiful, but my belly is perfectly shaped through the shirt.  Ugh!


Yet another picture with Natalie.  We are both looking pretty wind-blown here.  This was taken at Monte Alban in Oaxaca.


Okay, not only do I look stupified, but a little cross-eyed as well!  I assure you I am not.  Long hair or short?.  It's such a dilemma!


Oh, the inner torment of the depths of despair!  Can't you just feel the emotion?


My name is Danny Gump.  Folks call me Danny Gump!


I think I'm going to where this costume for Halloween.


Hair's getting longer!


Another picture?  I think I'm gonna be sick!


This is me with another best friend (of which I have many), Heather in Pink, and her sister, Jen.  I was only sixteen here, but this is about how I'm guessing I will look when I stop losing weight after surgery.  It must be in the area of 200 to 250 pounds.


For some reason, whenever I try to look serious, I end up looking like a punk teenage thug wanna-be.  Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't try to be too serious.......


Here I am showing off my less than best side.


Me and Mom at a family picnic near the lake.


My brother, Thomas, and me out for a night of karaoke.  Is it just me, or do we look like twins?


Graduation from college.  Such a proud moment.  You may have noticed the gown was ripped out on both sides.  This was eight days before surgery.


Ruth is one of my oldest and dearest friends.  She's from England and was my camp counselor when I was younger.  This was my visit to England when I was seventeen.  So many years ago!


The "babybassethound" mystery is solved!  Here I am with Baby and the Mels.


This is me with five of my seven siblings.  I am about 370 lbs. here, but I think I'm hiding it pretty well in this photo.  I wouldn't say I look a pound over 350, *LOL*.  And, no, you are not seeing things.  I have four black siblings that are all adopted.  I also have three white siblings who are not adopted.  We're just one big happy, and severely disturbed, family!


This is me with my friend, Alejandra.  I hate my face in this picture, and that jacket I'm wearing is about ready to bust the zipper out of it.  My hair looks awful, too, but I was about 360 lbs. in this photo, so there it is.


I have termed these the "Blue Shirt Pics".  I decided to bring out the inner model and show my lighter side.  I was just foolin' in all of these.  Do I look like an angel, or what?  Definitely what!!!


Did sombody say "double-chin"?


What is Oprah talking about?!?!?!


He is maybe too sexy, yes?  (Now say it again with a Spanish accent.)


"Danny, I swear, if you don't stop that damn singing.........."


Remember the Emerson Drive stalking incident?  They were really cool about it, and I wasn't too harsh on them, *LOL*.


Cara came to visit me in October of 2002 (see Journal).  This is us, obviously, at the Ben & Jerry's factory, probably the most exciting thing we did while she was here.  Hey!  We're dorks!  What more do you want?


I think my infatuation for the camera is approaching conceit.........



Hhutsoo, hhutsoo!  (Greek for Koochie koo....)  It's my twelve-year old double!  Can you believe I hadn't shaved for five days when this was taken?


Cover of Vogue, here I come!


Is that a beached blue whale?!?!?  Oh wait, it's just Danny...


My Senior Class picture that was taken for the yearbook.  This was only a few weeks before surgery.


Even singing was getting hard toward the end... but it was still fun!


I actually used to think I looked hot in this shirt!


Yes, that is Stonehenge behind me.  I told you I was in England!  You never believe me...