The Fat Crawler Experience
The List
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My Wish List For After Weight Loss Surgery

  1. _X_Have my first real relationship.
  2. _X_Be able to take a bath where I don't have to worry about the water running over the edges of the tub.
  3. _X_No longer fear a diving board.
  4. _X_Be able to comfortably take off my shirt where appropriate.
  5. _X_Walk up a flight of stairs with ease.
  6. _X_Walk anywhere with ease.
  7. _X_No longer have the fat person smell.  (I  realize this may not be a reality for everyone, but it is for me.)
  8. _X_Finish a marathon.
  9. _X_Be able to sit comfortably on an airplane AND utilize the tray in front of me.
  10. _X_Not be stared at everywhere I go.
  11. _X_Fall with grace (and without breaking any body parts).
  12. _X_Avoid diabetes.
  13. _X_End my heartburn for good.
  14. _X_Buy clothes off the rack.
  15. _X_Not suffocate myself when I lie on my back.
  16. _X_Finally have a haircut look the way I want it to.
  17. _X_No more chest pains.
  18. _X_To be physically attractive to anyone.
  19. ___Work as a Camp Thorpe couselor. 
  20. _X_Feel like I deserve things. 
  21. ___Walk one mile without stopping for a break.
  22. ___Visit every continent. 
  23. _X_Eat in a restaurant without the feeling that everyone is judging me.
  24. _X_Feel attractive.
  25. ___Get out of this damned wheelchair for good.
  26. _X_Urinate standing up.  (Men may relate to this one more than women.)
  27. _X_End my addiction to food.
  28. ___Learn to speak twenty languages.
  29. _X_Do exercise and only feel the normal pains associated with it.
  30. _X_Never have to go on another diet again, only to fail miserably.
  31. _X_Never have to hear another sermon about how I need to lose weight.
  32. _X_Help others instead of always needing help.
  33. _X_Travel the world.
  34. _X_Be treated as an adult instead of as a child.
  35. _X_Not look so much like a full grown male gorilla that it tries to attack me.
  36. _X_Not have to settle for the clothes at the Men's Big & Tall store.  (By the way, thank you for existing.)
  37. ___Go white water rafting.
  38. _X_See the Dixie Chicks.
  39. _X_Sit in a movie theater seat without it hurting.
  40. _X_Go kayaking.
  41. ___See Mount Rushmore.
  42. ___Become a certified lifeguard. 
  43. _X_Learn to drive a stick shift.
  44. ___Work in international affairs of some sort.
  45. ___Learn how to play the banjo.
  46. _X_Buy and start wearing men's pants...because I can!
  47. ___Make a time capsule that will last for centuries, and bury it deep in the earth to be found by future generations.
  48. _X_Attain some kind of financial freedom... or at least stability.

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