The Fat Crawler Experience
Ode to Monotony
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Ode to Monotony


Sounds of morning in my ears

Sun arise

Hit my eyes

Every day for many years

Rousing self I so despise


Cruising toward my bustling day

Thoughts of work

Boss a jerk

Have to drone if I want pay

Mindless tasks make me irk


Finally get a break for lunch

Only time for Mickey D’s

Supersize my Diet Coke, please

A Mac and fries I start to munch

I probably shouldn’t eat so much cheese


Back at work I see her clearly

I start to sweat

Single I bet

Wish that she would come stand near me

But I’m too shy, that’s what I get


Home at night I flick the tube

T.V. sit-com

Call from Mom

Once again my dad’s a goob’

I’m still edgy, can’t feel calm


Twelve A.M., it’s time for bed

I should pray

What do I say?

Lord, please soothe my aching head

Tomorrow starts another day

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