The Fat Crawler Experience
Journal (March 2006)
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My Journal for March 2006

March 1, 2006
I had to get up at 3:30AM to drive Mom's "friend" Jerry to the airport.  I got back just in time to go to Ash Wednesday service with Tameika.  It was really nice, but not all that many people were there, sadly.  But life is very good.  The doctor saw my leg and said I have a hematoma that will probably dissipate on its own, and if it doesn't, he'll fix it when I get my mastectomy on... get this, April 5th!  I can't believe it!  That's only in a few weeks.  And the whole thing will be covered by my insurance as a matter of practice, or so I understand it.  Apparently it's one of those little-known holes in their contract where they don't require authorization, so they have no choice but to pay for it.  And even if they don't, the woman in the office said if I did have to pay for it, I can pay twenty-five dollars per month for the rest of my life, and the hospital would have to accept those terms!  I'm simply elated over that!  Now I just have to get back on my healthy lifestyle track.  I've been slacking in the gym (from all the traveling) and slacking on the eating (from fastfood restaurants because of all the traveling), so today I restart anew.  It shouldn't be too hard, since I'm so stoked about everything working out, and I'll soon be sans old lady boobs! And it should only be a couple more days until the prototype for the brace is all done.  I'm so excited to start walking again.   My miracles never cease, or at least not in the past few weeks.  I am truly thankful for all that has been going right in my life.  God has touched my life.  And spring is just around the corner!
March 7, 2006
I'm creating way too much unnecessary drama in my own life.  I won't get into logistics, but let's just say that this whole week alone with Tameika has wreaked havoc on my personal life, including how I react toward other people.  I've been so bored by having to be home or out with her constantly that it pretty much made me needy and obsessive about dumb things.  I'm just glad Mom and Dad are coming home tonight... or tomorrow.  Soon, that's all that matters.  I got fitted into the prototype for my leg brace today.  The guys building it were surprised at how well it fit on the first try, so I should have a completed brace withing two or three weeks.  It's so weird that I'll pretty much be walking full-time after that, assuming I can stand it that much right off the bat.  And my weight has been fluctuating.  I really should stop weighing myself so much.  Two days ago, the scale said I had gained four pounds in a day and a half.  Then today it said I've lost five since then.  I seriously need to simply weigh myself one day a week, or something.  But thinking I had gained four pounds sure made me cut back on how much I was eating.  I've pretty much fallen off the strict part of the diet, though it's skeleton is still relatively intact.  I just have to peel away all the excess flab surrounding it... so I can peel away my own, I suppose.  Sheesh, it's hard, though, when the kids are with me all day and it's so much easier to just eat out than to cook something for just one person.  Of course I then end up eating out myself, thereby letting the direct proportion of my ass cheeks gain in size accordingly.  But at least I'm still going to the gym when I'm supposed to, though I have to admit, there have been a couple of really close calls on me skipping that.  But the family being back will get my own schedule back on track, and then all will be right with the world once again.  Yee haw.

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