The Fat Crawler Experience
Journal (January 2005)
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My Journal for January 2005

January 10, 2005
Well, my vacation was great... except for that kidney flu where I felt like I had been punched in the back for about four days... and the truck accident... and all the junk food... and the pulled muscle in my shoulder... and the ice storm... and almost getting in a fight with the dumb ass woman boss at Shaw's grocery store... Other than all those things, it was a great vacation.  It has been mostly an uneventful week otherwise, except for one little tidbit of news.  I ran into an old friend from highschool who has been dabbling the past couple years in the music industry.  We're going to karaoke together this month and we may get into some kind of mojo with music.  He told me he has a recording studio and he could probably use some background vocals.  We'll see, but at the very least we're supposed to get together for a jam session some time with us two and another friend or two of his.  That should be brilliant.  Oh, and I'm trying to bring the word "brilliant" into American mainstream dialect.  It means "cool" in England, and I think that it sounds really, well... brilliant!  So spread the news!  Oh, and Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal (Candace Bergon joined the cast!) were both so good this week, not to mention a new favorite on my repetoire:  Medium.  It is now my sworn duty to watch them weekly.  (Hey!  They are not soap operas!  I heard that!  You take it back!)  They're brilliant!  What can I say?

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