The Fat Crawler Experience
Journal (April 2005)
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My Journal for April 2005

April 5, 2005


Even though I haven't been to weigh myself in quite some time, I'm pretty sure I probably gained back some of that weight I lost when I did the car wash.  It's not been overwhelmingly sunny or dry outside, so all business operations were put on hold.  However, the last day I did do the car wash, a guy came by and took a bunch of pictures of me doing it.  Just to prove how pathetic my town is, my two-bit car wash operation was front page news on April 1st.  Sad, I know...  I hope to be back in business this week, but I'll have to see how the weather holds up.  But it some ways it was a good thing that I had free time at home.  A few days ago, my friend from IROC called and asked if I spoke or could learn to speak Portuguese in twenty-four hours so that I could communicate with a couple of guys that were here from Brazil.  I agreed to do my best, which I did.  After studying for the rest of the day and part of the following morning, I met with Jefferson and Bruno.  They are here as part of an international farming internship program.  Actually, Jefferson was sent here by mistake and will be going to New Mexico anytime now, but Bruno will be here in Vermont until next February.  It's going to be especially difficult on him because he doesn't speak a lick of English.  He's only been here a week, but he has been trying to study at night by himself, and can say a couple of random phrases, but not even enough to get by.  I don't even know how he's going to survive after Jefferson leaves.  But that's where I come in, I suppose.  In the past four or five days, I've been studying and hanging out with these two guys as much as possible because I know Bruno is going to need some help in a big way when Jefferson is gone.  And of course, learning Portuguese just gets me one step closer to my goal of speaking twenty languages by the time I die!  I've even surprised myself this week by how fast I've managed to pick it up.  It helps majorly that I already speak Spanish, but I do feel a bit of pride and confidence in the fact that probably not a lot of people could become proficient in a new language within four days.  I may not be able to do it all, but at least language is one area where I excel.  So that's how I've been keeping myself occupied.  And at least the snow seems to be gone for the spring (knock on wood!), so I have a lot more opportunities to get outside and get some fresh air, or at least open a window.  But unfortunately, because of the overcast days, I've not been getting out to my car wash, and instead have been sitting around the house thinking about all of the delicious junk food I can eat!  Boo hoo hoo!  A few days ago I tried to fend off some of the calories by working out, but it just made my back cry out in agony, and I could hardly move for two days afterward.  I have an appointment at the back clinic in New Hampshire in about a week, but I don't have all that high of hopes that they're going to prescribe anything more useful than what I'm already doing.  I really don't want to have surgery because I know complication rates are pretty high, and I already have three other surgeries lined up as it is.  I walked with my brace a couple of days ago, though, all the way over to my neighbor's house, and my back didn't hurt at all while I was walking.  Maybe standing up is just the thing my spine needs.  I sure hope so.  After my thighs get nipped and tucked, I'll get my new brace, and I guess we'll see, but for now I'm going to try and walk more with the brace I have.  I know there are over-sized clown shoes, but is there any such thing as a clown leg brace?  Because that's pretty much what I have right now.  It's ridiculously too big for me, but it's still functionable for at least short periods of time, until it starts rubbing and makes my leg hurt because it doesn't fit right.  All things in time, I suppose.  I do love the freedom of walking, though.  One of our dogs didn't even recognize me from a distance, and started barking at me, until I yelled at her and told her to shut up!  It's really good exercise, too.  I just wish I could go for longer periods without being in pain.  But it's a process.  Tummy tuck, healing time, thigh tuck, healing time, then a new brace.  It's still going to be a while, but what do I have but time?  I just hope my back holds out that long...




April 10, 2005


Today was gorgeous!  Well, enough about the weather, let's get down to the nitty gritty!  After hanging out in the computer lab for too much time on such a sunny day, Jefferson and I went to the local restaurant to grab a bite to eat.  I only had eight dollars on me, but it's a pretty cheap restaurant.  (This is important later.)  I was sitting there with my Brazilian compadre when I met our waitress, Dawn.  You could tell she had character.  She reminded me of Jenine Garafalo, as far as the personality factor, which rates very high in my book.  She seemed impressed by my speaking Portuguese, and we had an instant connection.  I mentioned how I had never seen her working there before, and she said she had started two weeks earlier after moving here from Chicago to be with her mother.  She is twenty-four and has the slightest accent.  I could tell in a second that she has really lived.  She came across experienced, but optimistic.  As soon as she walked away, I explained to Jefferson that I planned to ask for her number.  She came back with drinks, and I gave both of our orders.  He ordered a BLT on homemade white and fries (she asked if we wanted those two extra things) and I said sure, as well as having her put extra cheese on my grilled ham and cheese.  The food was okay, but I only ate about five fries and half of the sandwich.  That, of course, was after scaulding my whole mouth and throat on the first fry.  Always be careful on that first fry... good lesson.  So I didn't think much of it.  While trying to cool off my mouth and throat with some hot coffee (yes, the fry was that hot...), she kept passing by and we were pathetically making eyes at each other.  I could tell she wanted to talk to me more, but it was getting into dinner time rush hour, so she was clearly too busy to hang, as it were.  I figured I'd invite her out to karaoke, which is coming up this Saturday, while I was paying for my bill.  Well, Jefferson and I got seperate bills, and mine came to just under eight dollars.  I was confused that the bill said my sandwich was six dollars, plus a drink, plus tax, and Jefferson's was over eight dollars.  I'm not cheap by any means.  I blow money much more easily than I ought be able to, but the totals were about double what I was expecting.  So I asked Dawn if there was something wrong with our bills.  She looked confused and said that's how much all of the extra stuff costs... i.e. fries and homemade bread.  Well, I didn't make a fuss, but it made me come off looking like a tightwad.  But I figured it wasn't too much damage on our certain future of going out.  So when it came time to go up to the register to pay, she didn't tally up the bill (my expected time to ask for her number), but another did.  Dawn got too busy cleaning another table, but I still had to go back and put a tip on the table.  Unfortunately I didn't realize all I had left was the thirty-seven cents I had just received for change.  Way to overcome my previous cheapliness.  *Sigh*  So when I went to leave the not-so-generous amount on the table, I sort of ed just to see if the opportunity would arise again, but the table she was taking orders from had to be the slowest moving group of ten seniors I have ever seen, and it started to look kind of retarded having me just standing there with my friend behind me, so I just left and didn't even get to say goodbye.  What an undramatic ending to my saga!  So now I have to go back at some point, eat again at one of her tables, and explain my previous predicament and make up the monetary difference.  This is so awesome, I can't just not talk to her again!  Besides, it is a restaurant that my family goes to quite often.  Ugh, I was such a moron!  I feel like the stupid teenager who is trying to give a a nice compliment and ends up ally staring at her like a dufus.  Anyway, so is my luck with the ladies.  And in tomorrow's agenda, I'm heading to the back clinic in New Hampshire all by myself because Jefferson called and cancelled on me, not surprisingly, because he's being trasferred out of here in two days, and has to help Bruno move into the new apartment.  I'm going over there tomorrow night after I get back, to help and check out the new digs.  Sounds exciting.  Now I just have to figure out a way to go back to that restaurant in order to talk to Dawn when she's not busy, with enough time to plan for next Saturday, without looking like a big pig who likes to eat cheap greasy food several times per week.  That should be a challenge in itself.  Not to mention I need to lose a few pounds!  But when do I not?  Am I right?  Am I right?!?!  (Such a loser... even I laugh at me, hee hee.)




April 20, 2005


Well, I went back and talked to Dawn.  I apologized for being such a dumbass, and then proceeded to ask her out sometime.  She said she couldn't because she's sort of seeing somebody.  So trying to be Mr. Cool, I told her that when she breaks up with her boyfriend, she should tell me... and I winked at her.  (Such a moron!)  Well, she said she would.  Then everytime she walked by me after that, it was a little weird, so I just started talking to her again like always, and I even went back another time that week to invite her and her boyfriend out to karaoke with us.  She's really cool, and I can totally see us being really good friends, at least.  She wanted to come, but she said her boyfriend can't drink, and besides that, she had to work pretty late and wasn't sure if she would be able to make it.  Much to my dismay, she didn't show.  And I also met this other , Devoney, who I think is really cute (a ringer of Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks), she was supposed to come, too, but her brother got into a horrible car and was almost killed, so I missed her at the show.  She's really cool, but she likes my friend, Bruno, even though he is from Brazil and is very serious with his friend.  Anyway, I guess it just wasn't meant to happen for me.  And to add to my fantastic stream of luck this week, I went and got the shot in my spine.  It's hard to tell if it really feels better because the whole area is swollen from the needles, but it doesn't seem to hurt so much from moving around, and I haven't yet thrown my back out since yesterday, which is a good sign, especially since I went walking last night and have been lifting my chair out of my car.  And it's been raining all day, but I won't complain too much about that because it's been gorgeous all week.  Just keep smiling and try to ignore the throbbing, right?  Oh, and Natalie wrote to me yesterday.  Apparently she's getting her enlarged next month.  I never had any problem with them, ha ha, but she's been ling a lot lately, and also been performing at private parties, so she feels she needs to look the part.  She told me that she's been fighting a lot with her boyfriend, and that's too bad.  I wish she could be happy.  Anyway, not my problem, I suppose.  Wish I could be there to comfort her, ha ha ha...




April 24, 2005


Last night when I showed up at Bruno's apartment, he had been crying for quite some time.  He was really homesick for Brazil.  It hit me hard because I've been there.  I had a very difficult time when I first got to Mexico.  I didn't even leave my room for the first week I was there.  So we walked across the street so he could call his mom, but there was some excessively drunk hippie that was being a total p.rick to him because he wanted to use the phone, too.  Bruno couldn't even understand what the idiot was trying to mumble to him in Spanish (because he wouldn't accept that Spanish and Portuguese are two different languages), so I had to pretty much babysit the drunk while Bruno talked to his mother.  After that, I knew what Bruno needed.  Nothing helps homesickness like a nighttime bender.  He didn't want to go at all, but it was just what the doctor ordered.  He perked up as soon as we got to the bar, looking at what he thought were pretty s (pretty much any blond...).  Add a Jack & Coke to the mix, and he was bobbing along in no time.  He was still in a bit of a sad mood, so I decided to do something about it.  There was this group of s there for a bachelorette party.  They were going around selling bites off of a candy necklace for a dollar.  While they were dancing, I went up to a few of them and offered a donation if they'd dance with me.  Of course Bruno started laughing at the ass I was making of myself, but the s were all for it.  Within a few minutes I had them dragging him out to dance, too.  There was this gorgeous in the mix, very flirtatious with both of us, but she was engaged, though I told her it might only be temporarily.  She laughed and said, "You never know.  We did just get in a fight yesterday, ha ha."  Of course, quick comeback expert that I am, said, "I would be a great way to get back at him."  We had a lot of good laughs and she bought the whole group a shot.  It was a lot of fun.  Because we were out so late, I crashed in the recliner at Bruno's place.  It was actually one of the best night's sleep I've gotten in a long time.  My back didn't even hurt when I woke up this morning.  As soon as I showed up at home this morning, Mom wanted to go get weighed.  I've been trying to watch what I've been eating this week, eating a later lunch so I wouldn't eat so much at night, but I had no idea I had lost seven pounds in the last two weeks!  That's awesome!  I now weight the same as when I came back from Mexico last summer.  Another day or two and I'll weigh less than that!  So today is a day off, Bruno's feeling better, I'm at my thinnest, and all's well that ends well.




April 27, 2005


I tell ya, I've just about hit rock bottom today.  I have some kind of inflamation of the jaw, and I can't close my mouth all the way, and I'm in constant pain.  Yesterday I had to buy two new tires for my car, fix the water pump, change the oil, get a new timing belt, and Dad ally broke a bolt on my engine.  Then this morning I had to get the brakes checked because they started and almost caught on fire yesterday, and the gas line and filter had to be replaced.  If I fix anything else on the stupid friggin' car, I'm going to have a new car.  I also have the cold from hell, to boot.  And if all of that wasn't enough, my dog got some kind of heat rash that got infected and I had to take her to the vet.  Ninety dollars and fifty cents later, I brought her head-rotting ass home to find she had slept on one of my brand new white shirts last night when I stayed at Bruno's house, and found it covered in dried pus and .  Talk about attractive...  I was on the verge of a breakdown this afternoon.  But now I'm going back for another night at Bruno's.  Tomorrow he's supposed to ask his boss about me moving in, but who knows if he'll even see him.  At least my back isn't hurting anymore.  There's a positive for you.  Yesterday I had the follow-up for the shot I got in my spine.  I've been feeling great in that whole area.  On the way out of the hospital, I started singing... like always... and as I was getting into my car to leave, this woman walked by and said, "You have a beautiful singing voice."  I said thanks.  I try to be modest with it most of the time, and I figured it the end of the conversation.  She came over and said she had a karaoke restaurant, and that they were going to be starting a competition next month, and that she wanted me to come and join.  I hadn't even been singing that loud, but she got off her cell phone and had her boyfriend walk into the hospital alone so that she could talk to me about it.  Then she went and got me her card so I could make sure and go.  Apparently the national grand prize is a hundred thousand dollars.  I don't expect to win that (though it would be awesome!!!), but the local level gives five hundred dollars as a prize, and I could certainly use that, especially with all of my car troubles as of late.  The only problem is that it starts about a week before my surgery and the regional finals are about four weeks after surgery, so I don't know how easy timing will be with all of that.  But I intend to at least go to the preliminary round and see what it's all about.  Gotta cross those fingers!  Well, tonight I'm going to be cooking spaghetti at Bruno's place (even though I can't really eat much pasta), and probably play video games for a while.  My Portuguese is coming along swimmingly, but I wonder if it's not going to make my Spanish worse by the similarity confusion factor.  I guess only time will tell.  But for today's all intensive purposes, I don't seem to have any problems on that front.  Now if only my jaw would decrease its swelling so I could chew again!




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